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Flag Football Playbook 1With so many Flag Football Playbook options....which should you choose?

There are no shortage of Flag football game plans available online....this leads to one simple question: Which one will help lead my team to a championship??

That's where we come in! We've grabbed every flag football playbook we could get our grubby hands on and put them through a battery of tests to see which ones are able to deliver!

So what did we find??

The sad truth is that the majority of the "playbooks" that we found were nothing more than a handful or two of made-up plays that simply didn't deliver and probably were never even tested on the real field....(not really a big surprise).

But not to fear; there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We found a couple offerings that provided good value, and definitely helped us light up the scoreboard!

You'll find the top 2 flag football playbooks (so far) below, and we will continue to add more reviews as we find new offerings that offer quality worthy of being mentioned!

 **On a quick note, our reviews are based on the "7 on 7 Flag Football Playbook", because that is the type of league(s) that we participate in currently!

And our #1 Flag Football Playbook choices are.....

Below are our top two Flag Football Playbook providers. As we come across new offerings, these could change!

 Flag Football Playbook Strategies

Flag Football Ninja
flag football playbook 5 stars

Another great option if you are in the market for an effective flag football playbook!

The complete package contains around 100 plays, conveniently broken up into 4 different categories: Passing Playbook, Balanced Playbook, Option Playbook, Tricky Playbook.

Each Flag Football Playbook can stand on it's own, or you can blend the playbooks to your liking! Very effective!

The package also comes with "The Ultimate Strategy Guide" and the "Defensive Handbook" which are both very effective tools. Even with less plays, we love this package!

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 Flag Football Playbook Ninja

Flag Football Strategiesflag football playbook 4 1/2 stars

With 719 flag football plays available, what's not to like??? A couple of the plays not working for you? No problem...just pick a couple more from the other 700+!!

Seriously though, this Flag Football Playbook is the definition of Overkill!

With plenty of selections, you'll find:

  • Run Plays 
  • Pass Plays 
  • Trick Plays 
  • Plenty of different Formations 
  • Defensive Plays and Strategies 
  • General Tips, Drills and Strategies 
  • KILLER wristband system 
  • and more... 

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We hope you enjoy the reviews we've posted;be sure to come back to Flag Football Playbook as we will continue to scour the web for more quality offerings!


"With many Flag Football Playbooks available for sale on the web, I didn't know which one to buy....thanks to your website, I was able to get some insight into which one to purchase. Thanks for your help!"

-- Christian A. , Georgia

"This past spring, I decided to invest in the main Flag Football Playbook that you recommend here. Thanks to your recommendation (and of course the playbook), we actually had a winning record this season, and even advanced to the 3rd round of the playoffs this season! It was nice to actually have a winning year; thanks a ton!!!"

-- Brad S. , Indiana

"Based on your review, we picked up a new flag football playbook for this past season. Our results? Only 2 losses all season! Not only did we make it into the playoffs, we advanced all the way to the championship! We lost, but that was only because of some dumb turnovers. Can't wait to start next season! Thanks again!!"

-- Robert Z , California